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Create a mobile version of your site

I was interested in making a mobile version of my site. I had stared to see more and more sites that were made with a mobile version.

As I use wordpress for my site i started to look at what plugins were available.

WPtouch seemed to offer what i was after. It is a simple plugin that defaults the site to a mobile version if it detects it is on a mobile phone.

The main things to do are to upload an image so that it can be saved to the hompage and select which pages to include.

It is really simple to set up and makes it very easy to create a mobile site.


Well I came across an interesting site called twitterfeed. It basically gives you the ability to update facebook or twitter via your wordpress blog.

What is interesting is the fact that it is not a plugin for wordpress so is really easy to set up.

All you do is sign up and fill in some basic details. The main thing is entering your wordpress rss feed. This is normally just the url of your site. Once you have entered it you can test to make sure it can connect.

The next step is to link your facebook and twitter acounts. This done by just signing in.

Once complete you simply create your post on wordpress and twitterfeed will do the rest. In know time at all facebook and twitter will be updated.

Thats it. If you need to keep everything up to date and are sick of updating lots of different sites this maybe of use.

New iphone app

Well i thought i would give this a try. This has been posted via the iphone app

26th May 2010

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