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After searching the wordpress plugin site and searching the internet I decided to take the plunge and produce my first wordpress plugin.

This has been done as a bit of fun in the evening. I am not a programer so i have taught myself everything.

As a result this may not be the most efficent or tidy plugin ever made. However, it seems to work for me.

It works by getting the runkeeper json feed and then i grab the values that i want to display. I then display the values using similar html and css.

Anyway I am releasing the code so that if anyone is interested in using it or would like to improve it they can.

Simply download the zip file and unpack it into your wordpress plugin directory.

Then activate the plugin via the normal way.

When you want to display the activity details in your post just type wprunkeeper activity=”(activityid)” in [ ]

The activity id can be got by looking at your runkeeper page. In the url it displays the activity id.

Again i can not stress enough that all of this is done in good faith. Please use at your own risk.

wprunkeeper plugin


12 responses to “WordPress Runkeeper plugin”

  1. Sweet work, but I’m afraid I can’t find the download link. I might be blind. 🙂

    Also, ‘white’ text on a field of #E3E3E3 is a bit hard to read for me. 😉

    Thanks again for your efforts.

  2. Peter Avatar

    Have added the link and will change the submit button. Thanks for the feedback

  3. Very cool, I’ve been looking for a way to include runs on my blog.

    I might have to tweak it a little, but I’ll definatly use it.


  4. Peter Avatar

    Let me know what you change. All feedback would be great

  5. A few notes
    To get the content from RunKeeper you need to put [wprunkeeper activity=”ACTIVITYID”] in the post (where ACTIVITYID is the actual numerals at the end of the RunKeeper URL).
    If your RunKeeper activities are set to Street Team or Me Only you’ll get an error when posting the data to WordPress. Make sure that your RunKeeper settings allow for Everyone to view the data (maps are optional).

  6. Hi Peter,

    Great work on this plugin. The plugin returns distances in miles. Is there a possibility that it shows km, while I’m living in the Netherlands.

    – Wilfred

  7. Hey Great app!

    Just a question, my Stats are in KM and not miles, can i get your app to display metric? the stats come up in KM’s just has miles, feet etc for the distances on my blog.



  8. I will have a look at the xml to see it it returns km or miles. If it does it should be easy to add


  9. Thanks peter!

  10. Hi, I only get the labels and no data? So for me it doesnt work…

  11. Hi there, I got it working without a hitch, brilliant little plugin so thank you.

    I wondered if there was anyway to quickly modify this to pull the total activity stats for your Runkeeper account, i.e. total miles, activities etc? I don’t know much about web programming but it would seem easy enough to pull the total stats rather than a specific activity?

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again!

  12. The plugin works, but visually its just showing the content and now how your screenshot looks. Also is there a way to have it update to the latest activity?

    Thank you

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