I started getting into running while at University. It all started after going to the gym. I realised that the only thing that interested me was the running machine. I used to spend ages on it and then realised that there was a cheaper option. So I started to run around the streets of Middlesbrough. Those of you who know Middlesbrough will understand that that is quite a brave thing to do, but the money saved was well used in the Pub in the evening.

I never realy took it very seariuosly untill I was working for Iceland Foods. i was offered the opertunity to run the 2002 London Marathon. My training untill then had really been none but I liked the challange and had always watched it on TV and thought I wish I could run it.

So the fun really started as I started training. I completed that marathon in 4 Hours 30 minutes and 52 Seconds. And yes the seconds do count if you are a runner. It was slower than I wanted but I found it so hard work. I have run two more London Marathons since then and have still not managed to break the 4 hour mark. However, hopefully next time.

Once my running got better and I got more adicted I joined West Cheshire AC and started running with the club twice a week. I also started to do more races.

This year has been a bit of a disaster when it comes to running. I seem to have been injured or have had problems with my toe nails which has ment I have done very little running. having said that i managed to get my PB for a Half Marathon this year

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