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  • Connecting to Active Directory using PHP

    I really struggled to get PHP to be able to use LDAPS to talk to my domain controller. I wanted the ability to create users and set passwords and security groups so that I could administer users from my web interface. It took a lot of googling but I finally got it working and it…

  • Setup NTP service on Ubuntu

    Having the correct time on your server is really important especially if you are looking at log files. There is nothing worse than knowing the time something went wrong but not finding it in the log file. The simple way to solve the problem is to install an NTP service so that the time and…

  • Less than a week to go

    Well the big challenge starts in less than a week. I spent some time over the weekend making sure I have the correct kit. Looking at the weather forecast I am going to need lots of water proofs. The sponsorship is going well and currently at £1661. We even have a bake sale at work…

  • Three Peaks Challenge

    Call me mad, call me silly, but I have signed up for the three peaks challenge. Basically me and 9 of my colleagues have decided to climb the UK National 3 peaks (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon) in 24 hours to raise money for two children’s charities. Hopefully we make it but I will…

  • Majorca in the sun

    First full day of our summer vacation. We are spending the holiday in porta pensas. It is in the north of the ireland and is very pretty. Have spent the day around the pool which is freezing. Oliver is enjoying it however. He is full of beans and loving every bit. In contrast i just…

  • WordPress Runkeeper plugin

    After searching the wordpress plugin site and searching the internet I decided to take the plunge and produce my first wordpress plugin. This has been done as a bit of fun in the evening. I am not a programer so i have taught myself everything. As a result this may not be the most efficent…

  • Chester Half Marathon 2011

    Another year of running the Chester Half Marathon. I had done very little training so was not looking for my fastest time. However, I did better than expected. Above are my timings from Runkeeper. [wprunkeeper activity=”35816978″]

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  • Sunday long run

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  • 17th April Run

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