Majorca in the sun

First full day of our summer vacation. We are spending the holiday in porta pensas. It is in the north of the ireland and is very pretty. Have spent the day around the pool which is freezing. Oliver is enjoying it however. He is full of beans and loving every bit. In contrast i just feel tired. It is strange how doing nothing all day makes you feel tired. Admitably the all inclusive drink does not help.

Have been thinking however about photo file storage. It feels like it should be a simple task but the more i think anout it the more complicated it becomes. On paper the idea has to be to just store one version of the photo. However, in practice this does not work. If you have a large tiff file you can not resize it on the fly for a website. So the question remains. I feel the best way is to upload the master file to the cloud and then have a script that runs on a scheduled job that tesizes and saves the image into a different folder. That way you have a folder for each purpose required but still have the master file.