WordPress Runkeeper plugin

After searching the wordpress plugin site and searching the internet I decided to take the plunge and produce my first wordpress plugin.

This has been done as a bit of fun in the evening. I am not a programmer so i have taught myself everything.

As a result this may not be the most efficent or tidy plugin ever made. However, it seems to work for me.

It works by getting the runkeeper json feed and then i grab the values that i want to display. I then display the values using similar html and css.

Anyway I am releasing the code so that if anyone is interested in using it or would like to improve it they can.

Simply download the zip file and unpack it into your wordpress plugin directory.

Then activate the plugin via the normal way.

When you want to display the activity details in your post just type wprunkeeper activity=”(activityid)” in [ ]

The activity id can be got by looking at your runkeeper page. In the url it displays the activity id.

Again i can not stress enough that all of this is done in good faith. Please use at your own risk.

Click here to download